Steinway Model L

A beautiful grand piano is a welcome piece in any appreciating home. The name Steinway is synonymous with excellence in piano making. The black shiny curved top lifted to reveal the inner workings of one of the most glorious instruments ever made makes any piano player get butterflies in their stomach.

To be able to own Steinway Model L is a privilege and honor. For the home, the Steinway Model L is the perfect choice for music lovers, and families who has a taste for a different kind of richness.

Mini History of Steinway Piano Company

Heinrich Englehard Steinway started making pianos in his kitchen in Germany. After growth in his business, he emigrated with his family to the US in 1850 and founded Steinway and Sons piano company in 1853. They started their company is none other than the west side of Manhattan, New York City.

Through the years Steinway built gorgeous pianos and helped many musicians win awards. A man by the name of Henry Ziegler and the Vice president of the Company who came up with the Model L. Steinway made Model L pianos until 2005. Due to the popular demand, its currently bought out worldwide.

Inside of the Steinway Model L

Steinway Model L

The L has a more sweeping tail which makes a larger soundboard area. Steinway pianos are made of the best wood which is rock maple. Also, a big difference between the two pianos is the cast iron plate. Model O grand have plate cooling holes with a single raised lip.

Steinway Model L has cooling holes with a double raised lip. Piano keys were made up of elephant ivory during the late 1800s.

Due to animal protection laws that had been put in place, making piano builders struggled.

There was a change in the 20th Century, due to the highest quality of plastic that had been tested and approved by the craftsman at Steinway. Piano strings and the craftsmanship of the Steinway model are the world’s finest.

There is also very little change in the way that the Steinways are made. Once your the best, there is very little to improve upon.

Prices of the Model L

Steinway Model L Strings

The Steinway pianos have gone up in price over the years. The initial model L pianos from the company cost $1575. Today an excellent condition Model L will run you about $22,000 all the way up to $86,000. That is how good these pianos are.

Prices vary on the pianos. So the prices will vary on condition. You can find Steinway for sale at authorized Steinway dealers.

You can find private owners with Steinway for sale. Make sure to do your due diligence before purchasing the piano.

How to Take Care of Your Model L

The first thing you want to do for your model L is to buy a cover for the piano. Dust and other particles can alter the piano slightly. Keys can fade from sun exposure and the change of seasons. Make sure that the humidity in the room where the piano is staying around 50% to 70%. Ideally, the temperature of the room should be around 70 degrees.

You want to use a light leather cloth to clean the keys with only slight moisture in it so non drips anywhere. Thankfully repairs are very few on a Steinway thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and artistry. Only ever have an authorized dealer tune your Steinway grand.

Tuning Your Model L

Ideally tuning your piano four times a year is best. Basically tuning the piano at every season is what experts recommend. It is important to find a professional tuner that knows Steinway pianos. It is rather obvious not to trust such an expensive instrument to just anyone.

Tuning the piano keeps the piano in top form for piano players to create the most beautiful music. The Steinway grand is an amazing sounding instrument. It is also a work of art sitting in any room. The piano should be taken care of always to preserve its excellence.

If you are looking for a piano that will last, the Steinway is the one to choose. There are several model L piano’s to choose from on the market. You may have to travel to get the Steinway that is right for you, but when you are playing your tune it will be well worth it. Anyone who is lucky enough to play and own a Steinway piano is a very lucky person indeed.

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