Steinway Model A

Steinway Model A

When shopping for a piano its important to consider many different aspects. When I was hunting the market in search of a grand piano to fit in my home I wanted to make sure I read multiple reviews and talked to other piano owners about my options to make sure I was making the best decision for my family.

Without hesitation, every single piano owner and musician I spoke with told me the same thing. Have you checked out Steinway and Sons? I had actually never heard of them before and I was in for such a treat when I finally got to visit one of their shops. When I walked in I was greeted by multiple associates who told me all of my options and asked me exactly what I was looking for.

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Now I’m here to help you do the same. The first thing to consider is where the piano is going to be. If you are looking for something extraordinary look no further than the Steinway Model A. These pianos dimensions are 6’2 and weighs 695 pounds.

The beauty is one of the top sellers on the market and this is due to its 3 spruce braces and then gorgeous maple dowels. The wood used is some of the best and provides excellent sound to those who truly enjoy the sound of a grand piano. The best part about the spruce and maple is although the piano weighs 695 pounds it is actually considered on the lighter end of the wood piece to use.

The ribs of the Steinway Model A are made from durable sugar pine that compliments the maple and spruce woods. The dampers are cut from high-quality wood to ensure the best harmony sound possible.

This piano is offered in ten different high quality blends of wood, African Pommele an African wood known for its unique light reflective circular grain, Amber Wood light and vibrant wood that stands out from more traditional grand pianos probably ever seen. East Indian Rose Wood which originates from East Asia and offers dark red-brown tobacco like color, Kewazinga Bubinga an expensive rare wood from West Africa that has a cherry wood color that will make noticeable across any room.

Steinway Model A

Koa which is a specific wood from Hawaii and has a different grain than almost any other wood which makes it more desirable than the rest, Macassar Ebony a large grain wood that has deep complexions of chocolate and lighter complexions of Carmel on top of each other giving it such a complex look and feel.

Tiger Mahogany has a stripped feature to it just like in the name it has a pattern of tigers like stripes, Traditional Mahogany which is a deep red antique look that many people through centuries have found very complimenting in almost any venue, home or arena , Santos Rosewood is a wood right out of Brail and is also known for its vibrant and rare tobacco like color , and lastly Walnut which is a rich chocolate blend of wood that gives a timeless look at the traditional grand piano.

The Steinway Model A price depending on which wood you select could cost you anywhere between 74,000-129,000 dollars.

The Steinway Model A price can also vary on how old the specific model is, if it dates back it can actually gain value since the pianos are like wine and get more expensive with age. This piano is specifically one of my favorites because of the sound and beauty it has added to our home.

I also love the fact that these pianos are made right here in the United States, because It lets me know that they were made with good quality and not cheap materials sometimes used in other countries for cost reduction. Steinway and Sons Model A has been a staple in places everywhere for years because of the quality and that quality can be recognized anywhere.

The pianos also have a great lifetime they are one of the longer lasting instruments because with good care they can live for anywhere between 20 to 40 years. Even after that you can order repairs and replacement parts and make it a generational item that you hand down to your kids and grandkids. Unlike other pianos the Steinway and Sons Model A is a time gem. The piano regardless of which color you get only appreciates over time and almost doubles its worth.

Final Thoughts

When I play my Model A I can feel its richness throughout the feel of the keys, to the pedals to even running my hand across the top of it. The quality is unmatchable to any other piano company I have had the opportunity of trying. Another reason why I like this model so much is that it fits perfectly in my living space. Some models try to overdo it with the largess and it honestly takes away from not only the sound but the performance as well.

During the holidays when we are all sitting around drinking hot cocoa and eating Christmas cookies I love to show off my piano and my guests are always so impressed. If I had to go back and do it all over again I would purchase this model from Steinway and Sons over and over again. Without it, I’m not sure if our holidays and parties would ever be the same.

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