Steinway A2 in Rosewood Review

Steinway Model A2 in Rosewood Review

Today we’ll offer a Steinway A2 Review, and in this case, we’ll also encompass, in particular, Steinway grand pianos with a veneer made from Indian and Southeast Asian

Why Steinway?

In answer to the question, why a Steinway piano of any model, realize that Steinway has been the Rolls Royce standard of pianos, almost since Steinway & Son’s inception in 1835, back when Henry E. Steinway built his first piano in his kitchen.

Steinway A2 in Rosewood

Due to Steinway and Son’s unique method of piano construction, they owned 139 patents by 1859. The method includes sound plating and longer bass strings drawing over other sections of strings.

In 1936, Steinway granted two patents. The first patent recognizes the accelerated action of the keyboard. The second patent recognizes a unique soundboard design that gave Steinway pianos a richer, and more
lasting tone.

Steinway Piano Models

Among the Steinway Grand pianos, the Hamburg Germany Factory produces 7 models of Grand Pianos, and the New York Factory produced Six. Previously there had been the A1, A2, and A3 models.

Our Review of the Steinway A2, with an emphasis on the Steinway A2 in Rosewood

Out of the six produced brands in the United States, The Steinway A2 is the third-largest model. The company is termed as salon grand, in that it delivers grand sound in a medium instrument.


Amongst all three pianos, The concert Grand piano stands tall and proud at nine feet. Ranging in second, The Steinway model B at nine inches taller than the Steinway model which is six feet and 2 inches.

The Model A2 is nearly 58 inches in width, and it weighs 695 pounds. The piano makes up of three solid spruce braces and, maple dowels. The maple dowels job is to fasten the braces to sixteen levels of hardwood maple.

Last but not least, it approaches rim and then, made out of a cured, quarter-sawn Sitka spruce. This also makes up the rim, as well as the same diaphragmatic keyboard patented in 1936.

All Steinway pianos have precise sound bridges, hand notched from hardwoods for precise string orientation. The Hexagrip pin block are very important when it comes to maintaining Steinway models. The importance of it is to maintain the models turning longer, along with exactness and precision.

Steinway A2 in Rosewood Serial Number

The cast-iron plate holds 41,880 pounds of tension provided by the stretched strings. Cast-iron plates are so fundamental for the production of Steinways. The company owns a separate factory just to make the piano plates due to is the intensity of responsibility it has for the models.

The company terms these piano plates as “bell quality,” and maintains that design reduces both string tension and vibrations.

The importance of the rock hard maple hammers is to reduce the moisture and insects that may be found.

European spruce is the mold of Steinway’s piano keys. The keys contain a chip-proof, slip-proof dynamic coating. The quarter-sawed spruce is what makes up the key-beds. Along with birch dowels, that provides a snug fit and allows heavy playing.

The Wood. Each Steinway model contains minute differences in sound, and that is partially due to the wood. Steinway buys extremely high caliber wood to start, and then rejects between 1/4 the 2/3rds of the wood, due to it not being of Steinway material and value. There is a specific type of ruler that woodmasters use to measure the wood and how much grain it contains. Steinway doesn’t want wood that grew too fast, as it’s not as strong, and wood from trees with a lot of branches have a lot of knotholes.

After purchasing wood, the next step is to then pile up the wood and leave outside to dry for several months at a time. Immediately prior to building, wood that meets the Steinway Standard then goes through a lengthy four-week or more drying process. This process is to eliminate as much humidity as possible.

The Sound

From the beginning, here are some facts:

  • 1. 98 percent of artists play on a Steinway.

  • 2. No matter which manufacturer you buy from, a 100,000 piano will always sound sophisticated.

  • 3. Most of us don’t even have the opportunity of playing different world-class pianos. Therefore a comparison is not necessary.
Steinway A2 in Rosewood closed look

According to some concert performers, much of the lure surrounding Steinway is due to a savvy marketing strategy, and that there are greater pianos out there. Some artists complain that only one in 30 Steinways are superior instruments. Still, others echo the mantra that traditional pianos are passe and, that digital pianos have made the traditional piano patents outdated.

Still, many others profess a love for Steinways, that approach the love of a violinist for a Stradivarius.

Ultimately, we’ll pass on the sound argument, and suggest you try a Steinway for yourself.

A Steinway A2 in Rosewood

Steinway makes a number of exotic exterior veneer pianos. They are available in its Crown Jewel Collection. Besides the traditional black veneer, Walnut, Kewazinga Bubinga and Macassar Ebony, are very popular choices as well. Due to the richness of Indian Rosewood, it stands out for its warm, rich, and inviting luster.


Brand new Steinway models have a 3-year warranty. The Steinway model has been quite popular for a long time. It is very rare that you will not find a Steinway model being passed down generation after the next. Therefore, the odds that you will actually use the warranty is a slim chance.


There are only around 68 Steinway Dealers in North America. Each is under strict guidance from the factory from providing either on-the-phone or internet pricing. Never the less, some internet sources say a new Steinway Model A2 will run around $96,000, and if you want one with special veneers such as Indian Rosewood, plan on spending approximately $40,000 more.

Some say that with regard to price, certain dealers will offer discounts as much as 10 percent, but, like buying a luxury car, it depends a great deal on your ability to wheel and deal.

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