About US

Sandy Fleming follows the rebuilding process of each and every Steinway she restores, down to the final tuning and voicing. Rebuilding is an exacting process that takes time and team of highly skilled craftsman.

Each craftsman has a specific area of expertise and as a whole, they work in tandem, allowing the layers of the rebuilding process to come together successfully. They are experts in rebuilding Steinway Grand Pianos. Made by human hands, no two Steinways will be alike.

Our craftsmen have mastered the skill of interpreting the many decisions made by the original craftsmen on each piano and have the ability to replicate them. To the untrained eye, these variations may seem inconsequential, but to them, it’s the silent voice of the piano.

The choice of materials is straight forward, industry recognized top of the line. From our Alaska Sitka Spruce soundboards, which have been aged five years, to our handmade bass strings whose raw materials are sourced from Germany. There are no compromises

I knew that I could not afford a brand new Steinway, so I was searching for a rebuilt Steinway online and found Fleming’s Pianos.

They had several Steinway pianos downstairs, and it was fascinating! Sandy and Abe-san were very friendly and easy-going, and it was clear that they really loved the piano and did a lot of research, particularly about Steinway pianos. They personally knew Steinway-trained piano technicians for each rebuilding process.

As a piano teacher, it is clear what pianos have high quality, and I am very satisfied with my piano that I have used for my students and myself for fifteen years.”